About Us

Bess Ross


Bess Ross started designing jewelry and accessories at age 25, for the GRAMMY Award winning band Linkin Park. Bess also designed for other GRAMMY nominated and award winning rock bands, including the North Mississippi Allstars. 

These opportunities inspired the creative ideas which inspired Bess to create THE SOUL SIGN. 

The Beginning of THE SOUL SIGN

I created THE SOUL SIGN to represent Love, Joy and Peace in one valuable symbol. We can lose sight of our own value because of culture. THE SOUL SIGN is a reminder of one’s value. In 2020, I started #valuablesouls to encourage every beautiful soul to recognize their own worth in a positive and meaningful way. I believe that the value of a soul is priceless. 

I encourage everyone to wear THE SOUL SIGN and let it mean what it means to them as a valuable soul.